Audiopad: a high-quality app

What are we up to at the moment? Two things:

First of all, we’re very pleased that the first version of Audiopad is so well received. We must have been very thorough in our testing because not a single bug has appeared after launch. Very pleased with that, too. There was a minor issue in the web service that sends the recordings to users’ mailboxes, but we solved that within one hour – and earned another great customer review.

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SEO is paying off

Once upon a time, if you googled Audiopad you would not find this app on the first page of results. Thanks to some SEO magic, we now rank #2! (At least that’s what I’m seeing when I google “Audiopad”.) SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a systematic approach to improving the search engine ranking.

There is no trickery or bribing involved here. We achieved this SEO improvement exclusively by working with the content on the site and its meta data, and by getting some inbound links from the outside that are garnering more and more clicks.

Combining attractive content, careful wording, inbound links, and visitor clicks has paid off. I am positive that we will even reach pole position, and this might happen sooner than we expect. Continue reading