We are productivity maniacs and strive for maximum efficiency. Our products are fast and solid, and they look and behave exactly as you expect them to.

So much for the high-level mumbo-jumbo. What Golfbravo.net really is, is a small but very exciting experiment: How much effort is it really to create and launch a small iPhone app, and how well will it do among the half-million apps out there?

While we’re at it, why not be completely honest and open about this project? Any good entrepreneur should keep a diary, so we might as well make it public – within limits. We have to be a little secretive about our next steps to keep you curious 🙂 Is that insane? Perhaps, although we would be in good company. It would certainly be an interesting record for others, and even for ourselves when we look back at our early steps.

Golfbravo.net e.U.
, M.Sc., Founder
Jägersteig 15, A-2100 Korneuburg
info@golfbravo.net, +43-650-495-3929
Firmengericht Korneuburg, FN 381039b
Information pursuant to § 14 Austrian Companies Code:
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