Audiopad is our super-easy app for recording voice notes and sending them to your mailbox. Lift your iPhone to your ear, speak, and you’re done. No need to press any buttons – everything is automatic. It couldn’t be simpler!

No new to-do lists: Where is your great idea, your important to-do, your must-have shopping item? It’s waiting for you in your mailbox; the one list you already check.

Never again be caught with an idea in your head without a chance to capture it for later. You can’t type an email or a note while you’re driving (at least, not legally), or in the middle of the night. Don’t trick yourself with the excuse that you’ll remember it later — you won’t, because humans are forgetful creatures. At best, you’ll recall it when it’s too late, and kick yourself for not writing it down. At worst, the thought never enters your life again, and you will have missed the opportunity of a lifetime!

Audiopad Features

  • Lightning fast app launch so you won’t skip a beat!
  • Automatic recording – just hold it up to your ear like a phone! (requires iPhone)
  • Automatic delivery – no need to press any buttons!
  • Compatible with all versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Next steps?

Use your voice and let the app handle the rest.
What are you waiting for?