SEO is paying off

Once upon a time, if you googled Audiopad you would not find this app on the first page of results. Thanks to some SEO magic, we now rank #2! (At least that’s what I’m seeing when I google “Audiopad”.) SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a systematic approach to improving the search engine ranking.

There is no trickery or bribing involved here. We achieved this SEO improvement exclusively by working with the content on the site and its meta data, and by getting some inbound links from the outside that are garnering more and more clicks.

Combining attractive content, careful wording, inbound links, and visitor clicks has paid off. I am positive that we will even reach pole position, and this might happen sooner than we expect.

Of course it also helps that is a fast mover compared to the other results of that Google search. Audiopad is also the name of an electronic music instrument but it seems to be pretty stale since 2010. It’s interesting to see how quickly Google adapts the results to the current reality.

If you google “Audiopad app” then our app is result #1 and the iTunes listing is result #2, exactly as we want. That’s great!

This is only the tip of the iceberg, though. Of course you expect to find my app if you google its name. The real challenge is still ahead: to get good rankings on the search terms that potential customers actually use. This is a longer-term project that we are also working on. It involves identifying what search terms people use, and which of those we want to be associated with. Armed with that knowledge we have a goal to aim for and we will work on many more rounds of search engine optimization to improve our rankings on those search terms.

The Audiopad app is completed, and we are planning and working on updates and related apps. But clearly there is more to selling than app than just creating it. Making people find it is at least as difficult. I believe it’s even more difficult because it’s a moving target in a foggy world, whereas our app was there in our minds and we just needed to type it out.

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