Hello world!

Hello indeed! Welcome to the blog of Golfbravo.net. This is the soap box from which we will provide updates and progress reports.

Go check out our About page to get an idea of what we’re trying to do here. We mention being productivity maniacs. I really mean that; the most important thing to us is getting the task done – fast.

The prettiest application in the world is useless if it requires several manual steps that might as well be automated, or not even needed. The cleverest application in world is also useless if its user interface is not what the user expected. (I’m looking at you, Java. Oh, and let’s not forget Lotus Notes.)

We believe that the user gets the best experience when he can get his task done without even thinking about the tool he uses. The way to achieve that is to make the tool disappear; make it work exactly as expected. This is our design philosophy. it is simple to state but hard to execute – and we are determined to get it right (eventually).

We have a handful of product ideas and we’re going to execute them one step at a time. It is our hope that you’ll recognize our dedication in these products – although, if you don’t even notice the tool, we’ve proven our point!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I saw your post on the WebIS forum. If they don’t fix Note2Self under iOS, and you develop a follow-up to this app, I’d be very interested in not only using it but helping you spread the word.

    I’m upset with WebIS because now that they know there’s a problem with their app (most likely it has to do with Siri), they have taken no steps to fix it, no steps to communicate to users via their site or forum, and seem not to care one way or the other.

    I showed a confidence in them when I purchased the app a couple years ago. That loyalty—or partnership—should be rewarded with an honest effort on the developers part to keep the app current. If something is a game changer, e.g., Siri, well, just say so.

    So now that I’ve ranted, please let me know, if you can, what your plans are for a similar app to Note2Self.


  2. Ron, don’t be too hard on WebIS. They are working very hard on developing their flagship product on several platforms, and they have chosen to focus all of their resources on this. I loved Note2Self too, but I can understand the choice they made.

    Audiopad will have a similar, but more advanced functionality. Sign up to be notified of its release! If you want to help, then please share the link on your networks.

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