These are the most frequently asked questions about Audiopad. Don’t forget to check the user guide too.

  1. Q: Where is the iOS version?
    The Audiopad app is now retired. The app is no longer for sale but the service will continue for existing customers.
  2. Q: Is there an Android version?
    No. There has not been sufficient demand to develop Audiopad for Android, and modern Android devices have similar functionality built-in.
  3. Q: Where is the user guide?
    We have created this user guide page.
  4. Q: Can I get support?
    Yes, of course! Send us a message and we promise to pay attention.
  5. Q: Does Audiopad also work on my iPod Touch or iPad?
    Yes. Because the iPod and iPad don’t have a proximity sensor, they can’t record automatically so you will have to use the button, but that’s the only difference.
  6. Q: Can Audiopad replace Siri on the lock screen?
    A: No. Apple does not allow third-party apps to replace Siri.
  7. Q: Is there a limit on the recordings?
    Recordings can be any length but most recordings are less than 10 seconds long. Due to Internet limitations, you can only send recordings smaller than roughly 15 minutes.
  8. Q: When is the recording sent?
    It’s sent in the background while Audiopad is active, and you can see the activity indicator spin in the status bar while it’s sending. If Audiopad is interrupted before the recording is completely sent, it will safely remain on your phone.
    Pro tip: When you’re done recording and put your device away, get in the habit of not pressing the device’s Home button before you press the power button. This allows the app to continue sending during standby. Also, you might need Audiopad again next and then you won’t have to re-launch the app.
  9. Q: What if I don’t have Internet access?
    Your recordings are always saved directly on your device. Depending on your settings, recordings may be deleted when they have been sent.
  10. Q: What does the app send me? Is my voice memo transcribed?
    The app sends you an email message with an audio attachment, ready to be played back on any device. The audio is not transcribed into text, but we are considering that for a future version.
  11. Q: What if I mistype the email address?
    A: The app checks all addresses against invalid characters, but valid typos such as soemthing@gmaail.com cannot be detected. Because of this, be careful with the setting “Delete after send”.
  12. Q: What about privacy? Do you receive a copy of my voice memos?
    A: We take privacy absolutely seriously. Your memos are sent only to the address you specify and not stored anywhere else. We only store anonymous usage statistics such as time-stamp and device type.
  13. Q: Doesn’t it consume a lot of my cellular data plan to send those audio files?
    No. We have taken care to make the audio files small, and you can choose to only use WiFi to avoid using any bandwidth at all. Our tests indicate that the file size is less than 500 kB per minute.
  14. Q: I sent a recording but it didn’t arrive. What happened?
    Several things can cause this. If your recording is more than 15 minutes long, then it can’t be delivered (but then it’s also not automatically deleted). Also, check if your default email address is mistyped, and check your spam folder. To avoid recordings going to spam, add audiopad@golfbravo.net to your e-mail address book.
  15. Q: I have feedback. I have a feature request. How do I tell you?
    A: Send us a message.